creates your immersive scenarios almost without limitations, do not worry about the size and technical implementation

iac.technology XTREMTOUCH® technology provides a widely flexible multi-touch layer for huge interactive multi-media installations, consisting of highly modular hardware infrastructure and a special purpose-built driver suite.

With its sophisticated high tech components large surfaces like whole video walls, shopping windows or other architectural surfaces can be converted into really high impact, large multi-touchscreen scenarios and allow simultaneous experience and atmospheric exploration of interactive scenarios with fully functional multi-user interaction capability.

iac.technology XTREMTOUCH® works completely independent from the visual scenario behind and the type of visual generation source. The creator has the full choice of technical implementation – whether he wants to use video-walls with LED or LCD displays, front-/rear projection, static posters or any other source of visual installation. The modular dimensions and rugged mechanical structure allow a maximum of flexibility in the choice of size and built-in position, like flat on the ground, hanging in an upright position on walls or any angle in between.

iac.technology XTREMTOUCH® system is designed to withstand external perturbance and uses highly advanced algorithms to deliver top performance in terms of precision and speed.


provision of interaction layers up to 40 m length and 6 m height

modular hardware design, fittable and developable multi-user 

interaction experience with 32 simultanous events flash light

resilience – effective detection and masking of unwished light effects  

rugged and strong hardware for architecturally integration


Platform independent driver and configuration software  

Microsoft® Windows® ≥ Windows® 7 recommended, XP or newer

Linux® Distributions with Kernel Version ≥ 2.6.32, Debian® or Ubuntu® preferred

Apple® Mac® OS X® ≥ 10.6

in-depth analysis of system circuit initialization process via XTREMTOUCH® driver message information service and different testing-modes 

high-redundant detection algorithm with interference-reduction learning control

remote status monitoring via embedded web server 

4-point calibration

calibration points position customizable and adaptable to any installation set-up


XTREMTOUCH® TUIO broadcasting – transmission of touch data simultaneous to several content controllers via IP

XTREMTOUCH® – provision of a virtual HID-Device with TUIO-interface for Microsoft® Windows® applications

virtual touch splitting – splitting touch in several Multi-Touch-HID-Devices with discrete 4-point calibrations